Let’s Roll

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Hello everyone.

Due to the recent confusion and controversies about the topic of Historical European Martial Arts, I decided to create a webpage dedicated solely to one aspect of this discipline, namely just the reconstruction. Not the training process, not the tournaments, not the pure research of manuscripts, but only this part that is responsible of transferring the old words or static images into movement and more complex fighting systems. Even today – despite several decades of active attempts – we are still missing systematic approach and basic knowledge of what this process is and how it works. This means that newcomers are doomed to repeat our failures or they get quickly discouraged. I hope that the existence of this platform will at least help to fill this gap.

The beginning is modest, but I hope in the future will bring here more voices and more people who are experts in this subject. The main focus at the moment is the Polish audience, but I’m definitely open to widening the scope – after all, you are seeing the English translation of this, right?

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